How to Deal with Family and Friends When You Travel

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I’ve spent these last few weeks visiting family and friends before I head out into the great wide world. Thankfully most of them have been really supportive, but there are some who have had their reservations about me traveling.

When making any major decision in life, you need a good support team. Having the people you care about most cheer you on is one of the best feelings in the world.

I’m so blessed to have parents that have supported me in every aspect of my life. They may not understand why I need to do the things that I do, but they will always be there for me.

My grandmother on the other hand has been very vocal about me not going. She has tried to talk me out of every trip I have taken, and will probably continue to try until she can convince me to settle down and move in with her. The world is a scary place to her, thanks to Dateline and other nightly news shows, and she just wants to keep me safe.

The fact is bad things can happen anywhere. Life is too short to be scared of what could happen.

So how do you deal with people being negative and trying to persuade you to stay?

Getting angry most certainly is not the answer, but there are ways to make your point and even possibly make the person being negative see the situation in a different light.


The World is Too Dangerous to Travel

This is my Grandma’s biggest argument. To a person that hasn’t ever traveled outside of the US, yes the world might seem scary.

Stories on the news tell us about all the fighting and unrest going on in different parts of the world. They highlight stories of travelers being attacked or worse kidnapped.

Does this happen? Yes, but the likelihood of it happening to you is very slim.

When my Grandma brings this point up, I reassure her that I try to always be aware of my surroundings and that I have been practicing self defense.

I’ll talk to her about the places I’m traveling to so she can get a better idea of where I am actually going.

People are scared of what they don’t know, so giving them a little insight will help put their minds at ease.


Why are You Throwing Away Your Life and Career

We are trained to think that life can only be lived one way, and that way is to get a job, work until you are 70, and then retire. People claim that they will start traveling once they retire, but by that point, they are so tired from years of labor that all they really want to do is stay home and rest.

I can’t do that. Why give up the best years of life to be a slave to the working world? Why not find a way to travel and make money on the road?

I worked hard for my career, but something inside me is telling me I need to take a different path in life. I don’t want to work nearly 70 hours a week just to get by in LA.

I want to help those in need and see the world while I do it.

So when people ask me why I am throwing my career away, I tell them I don’t see it as throwing my career away. I see it as living the life that’s right for me.



Won’t You be Lonely

It’s another one I get a lot. I’ve been traveling by myself off and on for the last 7+ years, and I still have yet to be completely alone.

Have there been times that I wished a loved one was with me to share the experience I was having? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great experience on its own.

This trip is a little different for me since my boyfriend and I will be traveling together most of the time, but the first leg of the trip I will be on my own, and I’m OK with that.

There will always be someone to meet on the road. Someone that can open your eyes to places you could only dream about. Someone who can become a friend that you will keep for years to come, or better yet they could be your soulmate.

You will only be lonely if you let yourself become so.


I Wish I Could Do That

I got this one a lot from my friends, and my response was always “Why can’t you?”

People can give every reason imaginable as to why they can’t go, but I strongly believe if you want it bad enough, you can make it happen.

I have been wanting to take this trip for years and it’s just happening now. I kept holding off because I didn’t have enough money or I couldn’t give up my house and life in LA. There were so many reasons, but I finally told myself it was time for a change, and I made it happen.

There is nothing holding you back but yourself.

Without my support team, I couldn’t have made it this far. I thank my parents so much for always being there for me.

If you find people around you being unsupportive and negative, don’t get discouraged. Sometimes people just need a little bit more explanation to understand where you are coming from.  

You know what is right for you, and don’t ever let anyone tell you different. 

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